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Lux Auto Correction

This auto detailing service provides excellent car care and we wanted to make sure the branding reflected their sleek, top notch service. As the team works from home, they needed some basic print collateral but we mostly focused on their visual presence for social media. 

Stich By Stitch

Stich By Stitch sprouted from the need for face coverings/masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We successfully landed on a final version of the logo after a few round of edits. 


Honest Greens

Honest Greens LLC is a landscape company based in Los Angeles, California. They provide expertise in farming, designing, building, managing, consulting and aborology. The company began as a love for the agave plant and was the sole direction for the logo. I decided to highlight the intricacies of the plant design, then shifted to incorporating the organic but modern look and feel. I focused on useful, necessary print collateral that would continue to enforce the branding. For example, the hat serves as brand marketing and awareness while on the job during a sunny work day, shielding the workers' faces.


Outer Heaven Creations 

Outer Heaven is a film production company recently founded by two USC Film graduates based in Los Angeles. The founders shared a love for a childhood video game and simple, black and white design. We primarily focused on the logo to incorporate into the credits of their film creations and eventually stemmed into a marketing proposal presentation to gain new clients and offer a physical copy of the project for current clients.


Novel Hearts

Novel Hearts began as an Etsy shop that focused on hand-crafted party decor and then expanded into an online company based in Santa Barbara with a national reach. Internet exposure in all forms and packaging was top priority after logo and branding were completed. 

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